Discover Discover treasures for your skin

After working for years in beauty industry, Chrystelle Lannoy decided to take her passion for skincare further. Inspired by the life’s essential minerals find in precious stones, she developed the GEMOLOGY concept in 2007, the first cosmetics brand based on precious trace elements and scientific research.

Featuring a range of skincare that captures the richness of minerals and exploits it to its full extent – 19 precious and semi-precious stones which help achieve young and radiant skin…


Expertise and Research

Developed by a team of dermatologist and scientists leaded by Dr Jean Claude Bozou. Through liquefaction and chemical compounding, our cosmetology laboratories extract the natural trace elements present in minerals and make the best use of the Gems in our products.

All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure their richness in trace elements. Combined with high-quality formulation procedures, this selection provides an exceptional line of beauty care products: GEMOLOGY COSMETICS. 

Featuring a full product line, Gemology reveals the amazing ability of minerals to moisturize, balance, calm, revitalize and add radiance to face and body skin.


GEMOLOGY SKIN CARE ® gives your skin breathtaking experience

What makes Gemology skincare perfect is its combination of minerals which relax the skin with a unique “Zen” sensation. Each Gemology product contain the very best of nature, zinc, iron and magnesium, featuring a patented specific complex with Rose Petals, Pentapeptide-3, Tourmaline or Malachite – create “Zen” effect for skin relaxation and diminish expression lines

Every product contains Pure Bio Aqua, a biological aqua comes from New Zealand, one of the rare regions with no pollution. This water is unique of its purity, does not contain bicarbonates, nitrates and has a neutral pH. That explains its soothing, smoothing and beneficiary effects. Besides, this water is rich in magnesium and calcium- two essential trace elements for the proper functioning of the organism.

GEMOLOGY – Pamper Your Face and Body with Spa Care…

Gemology offers you exclusive experience with precious stones. More than a simple care, you travel to the sumptuous world of gems and return with a glowing and awakened skin.

Diamond Anti-Aging Care

You're in for a breathtaking experience with the “anti-aging” effect of powdered diamond. Combined with poinsettia and orchid, this timeless gem delivers precious care. Your face will be relaxed, radiant and smoothed. Wrinkles will visibly soften.

Peridot Anti-stress and Relaxing Body Massage

A real trip to a world of well-bring and self-fulfillment. Stone of peridot, orange and vanilla are associated to appease and strengthen your body both also relax and let your skin softer.

From French salons to the world's most exclusive department stores and hotel spas, GEMOLOGY products and treatments can be found in the world's finest spas and prestige department store, such as Saint James Paris Hotel, New Europe Hotel Reims, Four Seasons Resort Provence, ARIA Resort & Casino...etc.

Nethertheless, GEMOLOGY Spa will also be found in different Sofetil Hotel around the world by next year.