Dr. AkikoTakase

In her early life, Dr. Takase had a bruise on her face. When she was a university student, she received laser treatment and the bruise disappeared. This simple procedure had a profoundly positive and empowering effect on her. Beautiful skin gave her a renewed sense of confidence. This experience was the starting point of her career.

These clinical-grade homecare products focus on revitalizing cells to improve skin structure.

"Beautiful skin gives confidence to women". A cheerful attitude and inner beauty emerge. Solving skin problems can have a profound and lasting influence on women: she can develop a positive frame of mind and life.

Brand Philosophy

Dr. Takase set out to produce safe skin-care products with amazing results. Only dermatologists have been able to create such products. Based on the fusion of medical and esthetic treatments, who developed a treatment for women who have an insatiable desire for beauty.

AMPLEUR has been developed for women who are not satisfied with mere superficial skincare treatments. What they demand is a skincare product which results in glowing and perfect skin.
Based on her vast experience as a dermatologist, Dr. Takase has been achieving dramatic results. At the same time, she has been endeavoring to achieve luxury texture, fragrance, and other properties which satisfy women seeking superior quality.